Viking Toys And Games from the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology

Greek Toys

Board games, ice skates, wooden swords and miniature boats were the most fascinating games of the Viking age. Many of them have an incredible similarity to the toys of ancient Greece and Rome. Come along with us and discover the collection of toys and games at the National Museum of Ireland-Archaeology in Dublin!

Board games

Today the Vikings have become fashionable as a source of inspiration for books, comics, films, and more recently for the television series “Vikings”. However, the stereotypical image presented by these kinds of works leaves a lot to be desired: bloody warriors, horned helmets, dragon-head ships, are the most typical historical inaccuracies mentioned, let alone the use of skulls as drinking vessels.

It’s just as well there are some academic articles online that are real eye-openers when analysing the different activities in which the Vikings were involved. For instance, one of the lesser-known sides of the…

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