Ancient greek toys workshop at Cinquantenaire Museum (Brussels)

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Ancient greek toys workshop at Cinquantenaire Museum ♥ (Brussels)

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The first ancient greek toys workshop by Greektoys team took place on Sunday, 5th of February 2017 at the Cinquantenaire Museum in Brussels (Musée royaux d’Art et d’Histoire). Greek children living in Belgium had the opportunity to get to see ancient toys, to learn about how the toys were constructed and also, they have been taught how to make their own toys!

From theory to practice!

Greektoys children’s revolution® is an educational project, being developed since the past 3 years, focusing on the following main areas: creating the animated series Greektoys, writing articles and making research related to ancient greek toys, composing music and creating the 3D-virtual museum, where models of ancient greek toys are exhibited. All these created in a safe and children-friendly way. Now, we made…

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