When technology meets ancient greek art for educational purposes! (Video)

Greek Toys

A wonderful journey of Greektoys in South Italy together with Encardia!

A 6-minute animation video with live action teaches children the charm of greek civilization with a journey to the greek-speaking villages of South Italy (Magna Graecia).

Greektoys and Encardia present Aesop’s fable “The fox and the crow” in grico language (dialect of South Italy). Grico is a language which derives from Greek and it is in danger of extinction. This video aims to teach children about the continuation of greek cultural elements from ancient times till today.

Fable references

Click to listen to the original recording of grico native speaker

Filming with the music group Encardia

Filming in Italy


This video has been produced with the use of open source software (Blender, Krita, Audacity) on o/s Fedora Linux. Open source software can be a useful tool, to create educational material and promote ancient greek heritage.

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